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  2008, Vol. 22 Issue (6): 610-610~616     DOI:
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Effects of Nitrogen Level and Seeding Density on Seeding Quality of indicaType SuperHigh Yielding Hybrid Rice
LI Ganghua 1, LI Dean2, NING Jiachao 2, HUANG Qingyu 2, GU Wei 1, YANG Congdang 3, WANG Shaohua 1, LING Qihong 1, DING Yanfeng 1,*
1 Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology and Ecology in South China, Ministry of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China; 2 Agricultural Station of Taoyuan Township in Yongsheng County of Yunnan Province, Yongsheng 674205, China; 3 Institute of Food Crop, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kunming 650205, China; Corresponding author,
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Abstract In order to investigate the effect of nitrogen level, seeding density and seedling age on seedling quality of rice, a twofactor experiment including four N levels (10.3,20.7,31.0 and 41.4 g/m2) and four seeding densities (353, 706, 1059 and 1412 plants/m2) was conducted at Taoyuan town, Yongsheng county, Yunnan Province. Dynamic of leaf age, tiller number, dry weight, leaf SPAD value of seeding and leaf area index (LAI) in seedling nursery were investigated using an indica hybrid rice, Xieyou 107 as material. The low seeding densities or high N levels decreased the effective accumulated temperature for leaf emergence on stem and accelerate the leaf emergence, especially for seeding densities; Tiller number per seedling decreased with the development of seedling under high seeding density or low N level, whereas increased till 27 days after sowing then decreased under low seeding densities or high N levels; Nitrogen application promoted the emergence of new tillers, the maintenance of tiller with more than three leaves and the increase of LAI in seedling nursery, dry weight and N content of plant; The increased seeding density had negative effects on seedling quality indices, including the emergence of new tillers, the maintenance of tillers with more than three leaves, dry weight and N content of plants whereas showed positive effects on the LAI of seedling nursery, and the effects were more obvious than nitrogen treatments.
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LI Ganghua
LI Dean
NING Jiachao
HUANG Qingyu
GU Wei
YANG Congdang
WANG Shaohua
LING Qihong
DING Yanfeng
Key wordsnitrogen   seedling density   seedling age   hybrid rice   seedling quality     
Received: 1900-01-01;
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LI Ganghua ,LI Dean,NING Jiachao et al. Effects of Nitrogen Level and Seeding Density on Seeding Quality of indicaType SuperHigh Yielding Hybrid Rice
[J]. , 2008, 22(6): 610-610~616 .
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